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CALS Student Advising Spaces Opens at Mann Library

In response to student requests for a more centralized, accessible space for academic and career advising, community building, and well-being events, the CALS Office of Student Services and Mann Library collaborated to create the CALSZone, a new CALS student community space housed in Mann Library Room 112, off the lobby. After a soft launch in February of this year, the space officially opened with a grand opening celebration on March 9.


Students looking for support will find a wide-range of advising services in the CALSZone. From global experiences, to academic guidance and tutoring, to registrar advising (including degree progress and graduation requirement reviews ), to career advising. If you have a question about academic policies, want to learn more about studying abroad, need tutoring help, or just want someone to look over your resume before that big interview, you’ll be able to find answers in the CALSZone! 


Current weekly programming in the CALSZone includes:

  • Career Office Hours, Mondays 11am to 1pm  Ask a career advisor any and all career questions, from interviewing and networking prep to cover letter advice!
  • Career Study Hall, Thursdays 5:30 to 7:30pm  Join CALS Career Development for weekly working sessions to make progress on internship applications, grad school prep, or other career topics.
  • Transfer Tuesdays, Tuesdays 4:30 to 6pm  Hosted by Callan Robinson, Transfer Student Success Navigator with the CALS Student Success Navigator Program, these fun, low-pressure gatherings provide opportunities for transfer students to get support as well as to share their experiences with one another over beverages, snacks, and games.

The CALSZone will also offer coffee, tea, and snacks a few times per week, thanks to a partnership with Cornell Dining. Group meeting spaces and individual study spots are available for student use. To help alleviate student stress, wellness activities will be hosted in the space in addition to academic and career advising services. The space remains open 24/7 for group and individual study, as well as contactless pick-up, book returns, and printing services.


There are more programming and events planned for the CALSZone, including Alumni Career Chats and Employer Meet & Greets, so stay tuned and check the space often for information on upcoming programs!

Earth Month @ Mann Library

April is Sustainable Fashion Month at Mann Library, and we have a variety of events and exhibits focused on textiles, fashion, and sustainability happening all month long!


Tuesday, April 11, 4pm

Mann Library, Room 102

Threads: Sustaining India’s Textile Traditions. The Cornell and Ithaca area public are warmly invited to a screening of a documentary film co-directed by professor of communication Katherine Sender. Threads: Sustaining India’s Textile Tradition follows the stories of fashion designers and fabric artisans as they transform traditional textile practices for contemporary fashion markets. The screening will be followed by a Q&A discussion with Professor Sender.


Thursday, April 13, 11am to 3pm

Mann Library Lobby

Clothing Exchange with Cornell Thrift and  Epsilon Eta. Cornell Thrift, Epsilon Eta, and Mann Library are partnering to hold a clothing exchange in the Mann lobby that that can spruce up your wardrobe and help you put sustainable fashion into practice. Come get FREE thrifted items and donate any clothes you may not want anymore (but please note: donations are optional and not required to take clothes!). This event is free and open to all Cornell students and staff. 


Friday, April 14, 12-2pm

Mann Library, Room 102

Sew Creative: Hands-on Workshop in Basic Stitching (registration required). Interested in trying your hand at some fiber arts but don’t have a sewing machine? No problem! Learn the basics of hand stitching in this in-person workshop. You will learn the running stitch, back stitch, invisible (hem) stitch, blanket stitch, and chain stitch. We will also discuss applications for each. No prior sewing experience is required. Materials for the class will be provided. 


These events are happening in conjunction with Mann’s spring 2023 exhibits, “Threading the Needle: Weaving Traditions into Contemporary Textile Art” (Mann Gallery) and “Sustaining Style: Towards Responsible Fashion” (Mann Lobby). These exhibits are part of Cornell University Library’s Threads of History: Textiles Across Cornell programming occurring across campus in 2022/2023.

New Teaching Resource: The “Netflix” of Documentaries

Did you know? Thanks to a joint initiative between Cornell unit libraries faculty, staff and students now have full access to DocuSeek2, the new academic streaming source for top quality documentary films. With this acquisition, current Cornellians can select from 1,200+ documentaries in all major disciplines—from environment to health economics—to view directly online or embed in learning management systems for class-related use. And even better: The license associated with Cornell’s use of this collection covers group screenings as well, allowing student organizations and any other Cornell program to host public viewings of any film found in the DocuSeek2 library—once we can all get back to the gatherings that make Cornell campus life so vibrant. This will take care of copyright concerns that student groups may have faced in the past when trying to show documentary films at their events (though we should note they’ll still be on the hook for their own popcorn.) And until then, as we all ride out the wave of national COVID-19 mitigation work together, using your own home computer to view some of the world’s best documentaries on subjects vital to the health and well-being of society and planet is a great way to turn a long stint of “sheltering in place” to protect public health into a pretty amazing mind-opening experience as well. Check out the collection at—and enjoy!

Recording a Lecture with Slides: Easier Than You Think!

We’ve all become keenly aware: preparing lectures for remote presentation has suddenly become fundamentally essential to higher education and research collaboration, here at Cornell as elsewhere around the world—but maybe you’re still a bit of a novice in the process. You’ve created a presentation using PowerPoint and now you’d like to record the lecture that goes with it. The Zoom virtual meeting platform would be one relatively easy way to do that. But how exactly? 

If you find yourself feeling a bit stumped by that question—don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we’ve put together something that we think could help: a set of step-by-step instructions provided below and an accompanying tutorial video (available at  that will give you illustrations to go along with it. We think this gives the Zoom novices among us here at Cornell enough guidance to produce a lecture-with-slides video successfully.*  

But if you do end up with questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch—after all, that’s what the Chat button on the right of this screen is there for, right? Consultants at the Cornell Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) are also available for drop-in sessions for help on remote teaching; just drop in at Finally, you can also also book Zoom-based one-on-one consultations with Mann librarians with expertise in your field here–we’d be happy to hear from you. 

*Please note, faculty members using Canvas to connect with their students for a course can record a lecture using Zoom from within Canvas; for instructions on that, go to

Using Zoom to record a lecture with slides (see accompanying video for illustrations):

  1. To use Zoom to record a lecture with slides, you’ll need a computer, an internet connection and a webcam.
  2. Open your PowerPoint presentation on your screen.
  3. Open your browser and navigate to
  4. Select the Host a Meeting button, then click on With Video On. You will then need to log in using your Cornell credentials (net ID, password, dual & authentication required)
  5. In the next pop-up, select the Open Zoom Meetings button, then to select the Computer Audio option at the top of the next window, and then hit Join with Computer Audio.
  6. At the bottom of the screen that comes next (a full view of yourself as captured by your computer camera), you’ll find a navigation bar at the bottom. Click on the Share Screen button in that bar. (Note: you may need to hover over the bottom of the Zoom view with your mouse to get that navigation bar to show up).
  7. The next screen will show you options of the different screen views you can share. Click on the PowerPoint screen option and then hit the blue Share button on the bottom right. (As you share your screen, you’ll note that a thumbnail-sized picture of you being captured by your computer camera will continue to be visible in the top right corner of the screen for the duration of the recorded lecture. This will take up some “real estate” in the slides that you show as part of your recorded lecture, so you’ll want to be mindful of that as you put together your slides).
  8. Now start the slideshow in PowerPoint, which will then display your first slide in presentation mode. You’re ready to start recording.
  9. With your mouse, hover over the green button showing the Zoom session ID that appears at either the top or the bottom of your screen. This will trigger a pop-up navigation bar, and on the very right of that bar, hover again over the More option.
  10. Click on the Record on this computer option. This will launch the recording function.
  11. Proceed with your lecture, clicking through your slides as you would for a normal presentation using PowerPoint.
  12. When you’re finished with your lecture and would like to stop recording, again hover over the green session ID button, then over More and then click on the Stop recording option in the pop-up menu.
  13. In the next screen (which at this point will have reverted to the full image of you as recorded by the computer camera), find and click on the End Meeting button on the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  14. You will then see Zoom automatically converting the recorded lecture to an .mp4 video file.
  15. Zoom will then ask you where to save the file. It’s easiest to stick with Zoom’s default option, which is your Documents folder. Zoom will save your .mp4 file in a subfolder that includes your name and the current date.
  16. The final .mp4 file that is created will have the name zoom_0. To make that file more easily findable in the future, rename the file accordingly (e.g. [YourName]_[LectureTitle]_[CurrentDate]).
  17. Your file is now ready to upload to a shared drive, storage device or YouTube.

Congratulations on your recorded lecture! And remember, if you have feedback or questions for us, we’re here for you. Just shoot us an email at

Additional resources for preparing remote lectures and teaching remotely: 

From the Center for Teaching Innovation:;

From Cornell University Library:

Earth Week @ Mann Library & Manndible Café

For Earth Week celebrations at Cornell this year, Mann Library and Manndible Café have teamed up to turn you on to some fun ways to help shrink the Big Red environmental paw print on campus. Join us for any (or all!) of the events we’re holding in and around the library between April 22 and April 26.


You’ll notice that we’ve settled on a “Go Reusable” theme for the week, mainly in an effort to help us cut down on the amount of waste, particularly plastic and plastic-coated materials, that we do see pile up in the trash bins around the library in the course of any given day. As the feature movie that we’ll be screening on Thursday (4/25) points out, growing piles of throw-away plastics are having a worrisome effect on the health of our oceans and landscapes. But, as we hope our Earth Week events will show you, cutting down on the use of throw-away materials isn’t so very hard—and can be pretty fun. An all-around win-win. Hope you can join us!

All week:

Monday, 4/22, 5:00 – 7:00 pm:

Tuesday, 4/23, 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Wednesday, 4/24

Thursday, 4/25

Friday, 4/26 2:00 – 4:00 pm:

  • Look for the Mann & Manndible Café table at CALS Day. Info, tips and prizes to help you shrink your pawprint on the Big Red campus.