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Open until 6pm - Full Hours /
Lobby/Contactless Pickup: Open 24 Hours

Library Hours – Thanksgiving Break

Mann Library will have adjusted hours for the Thanksgiving Break. We will close early on Wednesday, November 22 and will remain closed until we reopen on Sunday, November 26. We will resume our regular operating hours on Monday, November 27.


In summary, our hours during the holiday break will be:

  • Wednesday, November 22 – 8am to 5pm
  • Thursday, November 23 – CLOSED
  • Friday, November 24 – CLOSED
  • Saturday, November 25 – CLOSED
  • Sunday, November 26 – 12 to 6pm

You can find our full hours for the remainder of the semester on our hours page. However you are choosing to spend the long weekend, your friends at Mann Library wish you a restful and restorative break!

GIS Day @ Mann Library

For GIS Day 2023, the Cornell community and Ithaca area public are cordially invited to drop by Mann Library on November 15 for a multi-media celebration of maps both old and new, the technologies that create them, and the worlds they help us see and understand. GIS @ Mann Library will feature:

Please join us for any or all of the day’s events. All are free and open to the Cornell campus community and Ithaca area public. For questions for further info:


This celebration is made possible by the Bondareff Family Fund for Mann Library.

Exhibit Opening: Then & There, Here & Now

Maps play a key role in our lives, whether they’re helping us navigate our daily commute or giving us a broader perspective on the world we live in. However, there’s much more to maps than the data they contain. Maps tell stories, both by design and by coincidence, revealing changes in our environment and our culture. “Then & There, Here & Now: The Stories Maps Tell” presents a selection of vintage and modern maps, which together illustrate the power and impact of this visual medium, as well as the ongoing story of mapmaking as both a form of art and a scientific endeavor. This exhibit invites visitors to consider the ways in which maps have influenced our understanding of the world, as well as how we might play our own roles in shaping the future of cartography.


In conjunction with this new Mann Library lobby exhibit, the Cornell University campus community and Ithaca area public are cordially invited to drop by Mann Library on Wednesday, November 15 between 10am and 3pm for a celebration of Geography Awareness Week and National GIS Day 2023. For the schedule of planned activities, visit

Collections news: JoVE Videos now available!

Thanks to a recent one-time funding opportunity, Cornell University Library has unlimited access to the more than 17,000 videos in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) for the next 2 years. JoVE is an online, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes videos demonstrating experiments in the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, engineering, physics, and other science disciplines. The videos provide a visual and detailed representation of experimental procedures, making it easier for researchers to learn and replicate complex experiments.


The “visualized” aspect of JOVE are the experiments demonstrated through videos. Students and researchers can see how experiments are performed, which is valuable for techniques that are difficult to explain through text or diagrams.


More information, including how to upload videos to Canvas, is available at this link:

Holiday Weekend Hours

Attention Mann Library patrons: The library will have adjusted hours for the holiday weekend! We will close early on Wednesday, November 23, at 5pm and will remain closed until we reopen at noon on Sunday, November 27. We will resume our normal operating hours on Monday, November 28. 


To recap, our Thanksgiving weekend hours are:

  • Wednesday, November 23, 8am to 5pm
  • Thursday, November 24, CLOSED
  • Friday, November 25, CLOSED
  • Saturday, November 26, CLOSED
  • Sunday, November 27, 12 – 6pm

You can find our full hours for the remainder of the semester on our hours page. However you are choosing to spend the long weekend, we hope you have a restful and restorative break!

Mann @ 70 Scavenger Hunt

Mann Library is celebrating 70 years on the Cornell Ag Quad and we want you to feel part of that history!


On the first three floors of the library, you will find stations/small tables with information about what the library looked like in its early decades and how it has evolved over the years. Go to the stations to find the answers to the following four questions.


  1. What year was the renovation of the original Mann Library building complete?
  2. What caused the fire (epic!) in the Mann Library building in 1964?
  3. What 1950’s technology allowed communication between library staff working at the circulation desk and staff working in the closed library stacks?
  4. Mann Library opened Cornell University’s first public computer lab in the early 1980’s. Who was it named after?

Submit your answers in the online entry form here: If you get them all correct, you’ll be notified via email to come select a prize at the Mann Help Desk. The prize line-up includes posters or note card packets with images from our special collections, Mann travel mugs (while supplies last!), and other swag. One entry per person. The scavenger hunt ends November 29.


Happy hunting — and best of luck as you wrap up the semester and head into exams!

Making Meaning Exhibit Opening

Cornell students have the good fortune of being able to learn about making meaningful contributions to the world via a wide array of engaged learning internships. What do these interns actually do?  A photo exhibit in the Mann Library Gallery provides an intriguing glimpse. Featured are photos taken by students while participating in engaged learning experiences during the past year. Each photo represents a snapshot, a single moment in time capturing the diverse activities, landscapes, research, and work accomplished by the featured interns. The images represent engaged experiences across eleven countries, six U.S. cities, and one virtual internship.


“Making Meaning” is a collaboration between the Lund Fellows Program for Regenerative Agriculture, the CALS Global Fellows Program, the Department of Global Development and Mann Library. The exhibition will be on display in the Mann Library Gallery on Mann’s second floor through January 2023. The exhibit is open to the public during Mann’s hours of operation, and students wishing to explore the internship opportunities available at Cornell are particularly encouraged to drop by and check it out.


An opening reception for the exhibit is planned for Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. All are welcome!

From the RAD Front: New gifts to Mann’s rare poultry & beekeeping collections

Mann Library is pleased to announce two important additions to the library’s Rare and Distinctive (RAD) Collections. For enthusiasts of backyard chicken raising, beekeeping, agricultural history, there is much to be delighted about here.


Celebrated heirloom poultry breeder, master exhibitor and show judge S. Robert Powell has made a generous gift of his archive to Mann Library. Included is an extensive collection of original 19th century poultry newspapers, yearbooks of the American Bantam Association, and other rich ephemera from a long American tradition of heirloom poultry farming, all in pristine condition. Based in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, Mr. Powell has maintained his family homestead as a working farm as part of the Keystone State’s Century and Bicentennial Farm Program. Notes Michael Cook, Head of Mann’s Collection Development department, “Powell’s gift represents one of the best and most beautifully maintained small archives of historical agricultural materials that I have ever seen donated to Mann. It offers much inspiration for the appreciation of the beauty of diverse chicken breeds and is a wonderful time capsule view of a period in American farming history when small scale poultry husbandry was widespread.”


Also exceptional is a recent gift by Susan Ross, daughter of noted beekeeper Tom Ross, who patented the Ross Round Comb Honey system which has brought the delights of comb honey stored in clear round containers to grocery store shelves across the United States. Ms. Ross has given her father’s extensive collection of personal papers, rare artifacts, first edition copies of notable classics in apiculture, photos, and letters, including a 1957 letter from Buckminster Fuller responding to Ross’ interest in Fuller’s early work on geodesic domes. Ross was an architect and engineer by training, and this wonderful new gift provides some fascinating insight into applications of geometric design for commercially successful beekeeping endeavors.


Both gifts are in the process of being documented, cataloged and conserved for perpetual safekeeping as part of Mann Library’s Rare and Distinctive  Collections in the agriculture and life sciences. More information about Mann’s RAD Collections, including a request form for making an in-person visit, can be found here:

Don’t Miss Election Day November 8th!

Hey Cornellians—There’s a day of major civic importance coming up and the library wants to be sure you don’t miss it. We’re talking, of course, about mid-term election day, which this year is on Tuesday, November 8. 


A new voting info kiosk on Mann Library’s first floor is helping to connect students and other visitors with some essential tools for helping to make sure their vote gets counted. But for those who’d prefer direct links via this page, here are some of the essentials:


Visit for:

  • finding early voting locations for your voting precinct
  • checking your registration
  • getting info on voting by mail in your state (requirements, deadlines, etc. )
  • locating your polling place and finding their hours
  • locating a ballot dropbox for your precinct
  • seeing what’s on your ballot

Visit for great info on voting procedures, polling place locations, candidate and issues up for the vote, and other essentials in Tompkins County or your home state. This site is designed specifically with students in mind!


Email,  the campus group Cornell Votes, for any (and we do mean any) questions you might have about voting. Find yourself wanting to get involved in the non-partisan campus effort to help every Cornellian exercise their voting rights? Reach out and get involved!


Use to find a post office or mailbox near you (for mailing ballots).


Check out our research guide on voting & civic engagement: This guide includes info on voter registration, election laws, becoming a poll worker, contacting your representatives, and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or have questions about the guide, let us know:! It’s an actively curated resource and we’d love to keep improving it to make it work for you!

Researcher’s Toolkit: Maximizing Research Success for Graduate Students

Researcher’s Toolkit: An Online Program in Maximizing Research Success for Graduate Students in the Physical and Life Sciences and Engineering

Tuesdays, early afternoon, January 11 – March 29, 2022

Cornell University Library is excited to again offer Cornell science and engineering grad students an opportunity to participate virtually in the Researcher’s Toolkit.  This popular annual program is now in its sixth year and will be held online during the Spring 2022 semester on Tuesdays, in the early afternoon from January 11 through March 29.  Each 1-hour session will focus on a different topic—from managing your data to doing comprehensive literature reviews to promoting yourself as a researcher—and will include plenty of opportunity for discussion and Q&A. As in previous years, we will also hear from a panel of experienced journal editors what it takes to get published. We’ll pick the best starting time between Noon and 1:30pm based on the preferences provided at registration.

Register online at:

Registrations are due December 23, and enrollment is limited, so please apply as soon as you can.   

For more information on past programs & presenters, please see the online guide at If you have any questions, please send a message to