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Don’t Miss Election Day November 8th!

Hey Cornellians—There’s a day of major civic importance coming up and the library wants to be sure you don’t miss it. We’re talking, of course, about mid-term election day, which this year is on Tuesday, November 8. 


A new voting info kiosk on Mann Library’s first floor is helping to connect students and other visitors with some essential tools for helping to make sure their vote gets counted. But for those who’d prefer direct links via this page, here are some of the essentials:


Visit for:

  • finding early voting locations for your voting precinct
  • checking your registration
  • getting info on voting by mail in your state (requirements, deadlines, etc. )
  • locating your polling place and finding their hours
  • locating a ballot dropbox for your precinct
  • seeing what’s on your ballot

Visit for great info on voting procedures, polling place locations, candidate and issues up for the vote, and other essentials in Tompkins County or your home state. This site is designed specifically with students in mind!


Email,  the campus group Cornell Votes, for any (and we do mean any) questions you might have about voting. Find yourself wanting to get involved in the non-partisan campus effort to help every Cornellian exercise their voting rights? Reach out and get involved!


Use to find a post office or mailbox near you (for mailing ballots).


Check out our research guide on voting & civic engagement: This guide includes info on voter registration, election laws, becoming a poll worker, contacting your representatives, and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or have questions about the guide, let us know:! It’s an actively curated resource and we’d love to keep improving it to make it work for you!