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Important E-journal Access Update for Cornell Researchers

Earlier this year, Cornell University Library began implementing an important change in the Library’s subscription to some electronic journals. The goal of this adjustment is to achieve greater fiscal sustainability in library spending on journal subscriptions while still meeting the needs of all Cornell scholars. What does this adjustment mean for Cornell researchers using electronic journals? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The way Cornell University Library is subscribing to journals published by Wiley for 2019 has changed. The package of Wiley journals that Cornell Library subscribes to has been fine-tuned to include the most frequently used journals. Lower use journals are no longer part of our subscription package.
  • If a Cornell user needs an article in a journal for which the Library has no current subscription, the Library will still be able to acquire the article “on demand” with a 2-3 business day turn-around time. There is no fee for this service. Patrons should follow the steps outlined at Interlibrary Loan to make an article request. (If you have made Interlibrary Loan requests on the Cornell Library website below, you can jump straight to the request form ).
  • What about journal articles published before 2019? The Cornell Library has perpetual access rights to every issue of all Wiley journals published from 2016-2018, and, through our previous subscription agreements, to many of those published before 2016. Additionally, we can scan articles on demand from our print journal collection.
  • For next calendar year, it may be possible to re-subscribe to some journals that have been dropped from the Library’s subscription package with Wiley. We encourage Cornell researchers to ask a librarian for help in getting access to Wiley-published journals and to give us feedback on any particular journal titles where lack of subscription hinders your work.

For more information about the issues and needs being addressed with these changes in the Library’s subscription packages, and about the Library’s process for making them, please visit . You are also welcome to contact Mann Library Director, Mary Ochs.