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Lobby/Contactless Pickup: Open 24 Hours

Congratulations Cornell Class of 2024!

All of us at Mann Library wish the graduating Cornell class of 2024 the very best for commencement weekend! We hope all graduates have a wonderful time celebrating with friends and loved ones – and hope the weather cooperates!


A few reminders about library services and spaces as we approach the long weekend:

  • Mann Library will be closed over Memorial Day weekend. We will close at 5pm on Friday, May 24 and will reopen at 8am on Tuesday, May 28. You can find our full summer hours schedule on our hours page.
  • You can find the hours for all Ithaca campus libraries on the main Cornell University Library website:
  • If you need to return library books while Mann is closed, please use our book drop in the breezeway between Mann Library and the Plant Sciences building. Please do not return laptops and other equipment to the book drop. For more information on returning library materials, including which libraries or book drop are accessible by car, please visit our Return Books webpage.
  • Still have questions? You can email or call us over the long weekend, and we will return your message when we return on Tuesday, May 28. For questions regarding returning library materials, contact or call (607) 255-3296. For research help, email or call (607) 255-2920.

Once again, congratulations, Cornell Class of 2024! We look forward to seeing you again at future reunion celebrations!

May Stressbusters

The end of the semester is in sight, and Mann Library and the CALS Zone are partnering up to bring some much-needed stressbusters programming to the Ag Quad. Stop by for some treats, some canine cuddles, or get crafty at our “butterfly break” event. Feeling competitive? Check out our Geoguessr Jam, co-hosted with the Cornell Mapping Society. And keep an eye out for free coffee, treats, and healthy snacks in the CALS Zone and at the Mann Help Desk throughout study week!


Guiding Eyes Puppies
Monday, May 13, 12-1pm
CALS Zone (Mann 112)
Feeling stressed? Some canine cuddles are just what the doctor ordered! Come meet some furry friends in the CALS Zone!


Butterfly Break
Tuesday, May 14, 3-4:30pm
CALS Zone (Mann 112)
Take a break from studying and come get crafty while enjoying the beauty of butterfly science!


Geoguessr Jam w/ Cornell Mapping Society
Wednesday, May 15, 5-6pm
CALS Zone (Mann 112)

Join the Cornell Mapping Society for some fast-paced rounds of team Geoguessr! From the Alps to the Australian Outback, refine your geography skills and learn how to locate yourself on Earth within seconds. Bring your own laptop.


Late-night Hours
Mann Library has extended hours during study week and finals. From Thursday, May 9, through Wednesday, May 15, Mann Library will have the following late-night hours:

  • Monday – Thursday, 8am to midnight
  • Friday, 8am to 10pm
  • Saturday, 10am to 10pm
  • Sunday, noon to midnight

Attention Night Owls: Don’t forget that the lobby, Stone Computer Classroom (Mann 103), and the CALS Zone (Mann 112) are 24/7 study spaces! So even after the library closes, you still have a variety of spaces to choose from if you’re studying late into the night.


See our full hours online: You can find the hours for the Mann Café, or order online, via the Cornell Dining website.

Congratulations, Cornell grads!

From all your friends at Mann Library, a hearty congratulations to the Cornell graduating class of 2023! We hope you have a wonderful time during the weekend’s festivities and have the chance to celebrate this incredible milestone with your friends and family.


A friendly reminder that Mann Library be closed over Memorial Weekend. We will close at 5pm on Friday, May 26 and will reopen on Tuesday, May 30 at 8am. You can find our full summer hours on our hours page.


If you need to return library books while we’re closed, please use our book drop in the breezeway between Mann Library and the Plant Sciences building. For more information on returning library materials, visit our Borrow, Return, Renew page.

May Stressbusters @ Mann

The end of the academic year is right around the corner, and Mann Library is here to help students across that finish line! After Slope Day, when your studying kicks into high gear, stop by Mann and take advantage of our variety of study spaces, fuel up at the Mann Café, and be sure to check out some of our stressbusters when you need a breather!


Fiber Arts Stressbuster @ Mann: Stamping with natural materials

Friday, May 12, 11am – 2pm (Tsujimoto Family Plaza, Ag Quad)

Take a break from your books and computers with Mann’s fiber arts & sustainable fashion-themed spring stressbuster! Materials provided for creating hand-stamped bandanas or giving your old clothes some pizzaz with new design features. Bandanas provided or bring your own t-shirts & jeans. Plus, refreshments and lawn games! 


Cornell Companions Visit

Monday, May 15, 5pm (1st floor of Mann)

Mark your calendars! Some furry friends will be stopping by Mann Library for cuddles and cuteness on Monday, May 15 at 5pm. Come say hello and boost your serotonin with some help from the cutest study coaches around!


Fiber Arts Stressbuster @ Mann: Stitching & Tea

Tuesday, May 16, 3-5pm (Mann 102)

Drop in to try your hand in the old art of hand-stitching and a look at some fun resources for boosting your skills in embroidery and visible mending. We’re no experts ourselves, but we’re game to try some stitchwork while enjoying afternoon tea with you!  Materials provided for basic stitching practice. Plus, refreshments!


Clothing Exchange, in collaboration with Cornell Thrift

Available through September 15 (Mann Lobby)

Take what you need and leave what you don’t at the exchange station in the Mann lobby, every day during Mann’s normal hours of operation.


Late-Night Hours

Mann Library has extended hours during study week and finals. From Wednesday, May 10 through Thursday, May 18, Mann Library will have the following hours:

  • Monday – Thursday        8am to midnight
  • Friday                                   8am to 8pm
  • Saturday                             11am to 8pm
  • Sunday                                Noon to midnight

Night owls – don’t forget that the CALSZone (in Mann 112) is a 24/7 study space! So even after the library closes, you still have a cozy place to study into the wee hours.


See our full hours online: You can find the hours for the Mann Café, or order online, via the Cornell Dining website.

Congratulations to our 2022 Elevator Art Contest Winners!

Our annual Elevator Art Contest gives Cornell undergraduate, graduate, or professional school students the chance to showcase their creative talents, win a Cornell Store prize, and inspire others along the way!


Prompted by our 2022 theme, contestants were invited to interpret what “connection” meant to them and submit a piece of artwork of their authorship to be featured on the elevators in both Mann and Olin Libraries. The students were also asked to describe how the art related to the proposed theme and to include a paragraph with some basic information about themselves.


The entries received were stunning and after some careful debate, we have selected our winners! Read on to learn more about these talented students and their submissions, and don’t forget to stop by and admire these wonderful creations in person! For the full article on all the winners, visit:

Student artist Wenjia Zong standing in front of elevator design

Wenjia Zong MA ’22, College of Human Ecology

Wenjia is a graduate student in Apparel Design with research focused on body shapes, style, and fit in virtual technologies. With years of professional working experience, she is well experienced with fashion production, design, and retail management. Wenjia was born and raised in Yunnan, China, and attended California State University, Long Beach, as an undergraduate major in fashion merchandising and design.


“This photo was taken in Huntington Beach Central Park in the spring of 2021, one year from when the first pandemic hit the US. Family, friends, and colleagues have been physically separated since then. Spring is here again—just like this bee—with the sunshine and water from winter. Everything will bloom again, and he can collect pollen like in all other springs. With hope, we will get over the pandemic soon and be able to connect, reunite, and live/travel like before.”

Student artist Elizabeth Hughes standing in front of elevator design

Elizabeth Hughes ’25, College of Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth is a freshman studying Environment & Sustainability with a concentration in Environmental Biology and Applied Ecology. She is originally from Texas, but now lives in Annapolis, Maryland and will be spending this upcoming summer working on a small, organic farm in northern New Hampshire. Elizabeth currently works in a plant pathology lab on campus but is excited to expand her understanding of sustainable agriculture and soil science over the coming years.


“Grief can be an overwhelming thing to handle. The thoughts and emotions that come with it seem to span all aspects of our lives at times, knotting everything within us together. Over the past few years, I have been learning to slowly come to terms with my grief and grow from it, finally loosening and untying the knots while connecting with myself on a much deeper level than I ever have before. While the piece represents the struggles I have processed and the understanding I finally have of myself and my place within the world, I chose to depict this through symbols rather than being completely straightforward. I would like the viewer to take what they want from the piece, while at the same time coming out with a sense of the importance of understanding and connecting with oneself.”

May Stressbusters @ Mann

Feeling stressed? Mann Library has extended hours during study week, as well as a wide assortment of events and activities planned to help you rest and refocus!


Hortus Forum Spring Plant Sale  

Friday, May 6, 9am to 3pm

Tsujimoto Family Plaza

Love plants? So do we! Join us for a Hortus Forum Spring Plant Sale on the Tsujimoto Family Plaza (outside the Mann Library entrance on the Ag Quad).


Stressbuster Raffle

Keep an eye out for the Mann end-of-semester raffle! Starting this Friday, May 6, stop by the library and share your most beloved children’s book with us and be entered into a raffle for fun library and campus prizes. The drawing will be on May 13th, and you’ll be notified if you’re one of our lucky winners!


Snacks in the Stacks

Friday, May 13, noon to 2pm

Tsujimoto Family Plaza

Mann Library will be giving out free snacks on the Ag Quad during study week! Take a study break and join us for treats, button-making, lawn games, and pep talks! You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back 🙂


Late-night hours

Mann Library has extended hours during study week and finals. From Wednesday, May 11 through Thursday, May 19, Mann Library will have the following hours:

  • Monday – Thursday, 8am to midnight
  • Friday, 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday, 11am to 7pm
  • Sunday, Noon to midnight

Night owls – don’t forget that about our new(ish) 24/7 study space in Mann 112, off the lobby! We’ll be putting out some fun, stressbusting activities in this space throughout the week.


See our full hours online: You can find the hours for the Mann Café, or order online, via the Cornell Dining website.

Ag Quad Quest 2021



Game’s on for the last few weeks of the spring 2021 semester on the Cornell campus. All you crazy-busy students out there, we know what a stressful stretch it is for you. While the social distancing requirements of the pandemic year are still crimping our style for planning good stress-busters, we do have one trick up our sleeves—an actual scavenger hunt on the Ag Quad.


Some of you may be thinking: no way can I add one more thing to my plate right now! To you we say, please know we are taking this slow (as in totally at your own pace) and easy (as in, we’re not in this to stump you, but to make the finding fun and fast).


Clues for different treasures will be posted every few days here on this page (starting with the first two for this week below); join in at any point whenever you find yourself wanting to take a break from the books, computer screens, lab assignments or whatever else may be paining your petuzzi right now. We’ll be clueing you into about 6 different hiding spots over the next two weeks; find one treasure, or find them all. Our biggest hope with this is to give you more good reason to hope outside for some quick, spirit-uplifting, mind-refreshing, idea-boosting, treasure-rewarding fun.


Any questions, give us a shout at And check this page again often—new clues posted every few days. Lots of prizes to go with them—from highlighters to mugs. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you the very best of luck, with the scavenger hunt, your finals, and everything!


Treasure 1

You’ll find this cache on the Ag Quad when you find the European cousin of a tall American beauty that was once abundantly present from Maine to Mississippi—until a nasty, early 19th century blight brought her to functional extinction in her original range in the eastern U.S.

Additional hints: This tall leafy specimen is about to bloom and provides cool shade for enjoying your lunch on the Ag Quad, if you don’ t mind stone-hard seats.   Be sure to look up to find a tag in memory of a beloved former Mann Library Director. Still stumped? We’re pretty sure this nifty cartographic tool will give you what you need to find the spot: Update: All the tokens for Treasure 1 have been found!


Treasure 2

To find our 2nd prize for Mann’s Ag Quad Quest 2021, get to spot that’s on higher plane on the Ag Quad (as, you’ll need to climb some outdoor stairs!). You’ll know you’re close when you see the name of a former CALS Dean. But you’ll be nearer still when you turn around and get close enough to almost touch a couple of Mann Library windows. 
Additional hints: This evergreen woody producer (names rhymes with Jupiter) makes a great but prickly hiding spot. Update: All the tokens for Treasure 2 have been found!


Treasure 3

Find the Excelsior seal on the Mann Library building. The younger of the two elms* standing guard beneath this lofty architectural touch harbors the cache. (*Email us the scientific name of the tree for a bonus prize!) Update: All the tokens for Treasure 3 have been found!


Treasure 4

Take a break at this private little spot close to Mann Library and you’ll learn a little about the SITES Accredited Garden that it’s part of. Enjoy a moment on the comfortable bench, and before you leave, be sure to check the boxwood behind you for your next treasure! Update: All the tokens for Treasure 4 have been found!


Treasure 5

The Ag Quad is graced by the presence of some towering older oak trees—with a  few smaller teenagers coming into their own as well.  Find the young white oak tree that’s tagged in honor of Mann Library special projects librarian Wallace Olsen, whose early work at Mann helped develop our Core Historical Literature of Agriculture, and you’ll have snagged your next treasure. Update: All the tokens for Treasure 5 have been found!


For these final two quests, you’ll need to leave the Ag Quad proper, but not by much. We suggest you maybe look for these as you head up behind Bradfield Hall to the Dairy Bar for some Cornell ice cream—you deserve the treat!


Treasure 6

Honey locust trees are frequent favorites in urban landscapes—and the leafy giants that are guarding this next treasure spot have helped turn what would be a very hot outdoor corner of the Mann building into a cool oasis. While you enjoy the dappled shade, look around for an inspiring word that rhymes with “respect” and it won’t take you long to find the cache!

Additional hint: Find the right honey locusts using the mapping tool on this page of our Trees of Cornell exhibit. Update: All the tokens for Treasure 6 have been found!


Treasure 7

The sign by this next treasure spot may have you thinking of lunch, but really it’s all about sustainable landscaping. Find the bioswale in question, and you’ll be very close. Look around to find the thing that pill bugs, worms, salamanders and other delightful  (hey, we’re into the life sciences!) creepy crawlies like to hide under and you’ll find your cache.

Additional hint: Visit this page to find out Cornell’s bioswales (what they are, what they do, where they’re located) and other campus features on the Sustainable Landscapes Trail. Update: All the tokens for Treasure 7 have been found!

“Living Bird” Archive Now Online

Good news bird lovers! Cornell’s Laboratory of Ornithology has teamed up with Mann Library and the Biodiversity Heritage Library to digitize all pre-2008 issues of the Lab of O’s quarterly magazine Living Bird. Known for it’s stunning photography, detailed scientific illustrations and writing from the frontiers of ornithology, the magazine has been in circulation since 1962. Looking through the archive provides a nice overview on how the magazine has evolved over the years and on the improvements that have occurred in wildlife photography methods and commercial color printing. Originally an annual publication, thanks to its growing popularity the magazine is now published quarterly. For a look at the 1962-2008 editions online visit the magazine’s pages at Biodiversity Heritage Library: Since 2008 all Living Bird issues have been available in both print and online, and can be found here: Happy browsing with the birds!