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New Student Exhibits at Mann

Mann Library has two new student exhibits that will be up through August.

Bycatch by Charlotte Tysall ’26 is a series of paintings focused on the plight of bycatch species–i.e. non-target species which are nonetheless caught, killed, or otherwise negatively impacted by commercial, large-scale fishing operations. The exhibit explores just a few of the many species which compose the approximately 40 percent of all marine catches which are unintended, including endangered animals like turtles and dolphins which get injured or killed before simply being dumped back into the water. Charlotte is studying Biological Sciences in the college of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Fine Arts. You can see more of Charlotte’s work on her Instagram feed:


Portal by James Parker is part of Portals in the Palace of the People, a series of installation pieces designed for public libraries which seeks to highlight the power of libraries to transport people to other places. Each piece consists of a small diorama and sound played on headphones. Both the diorama and the sound are related to the section of the library in which the piece is installed. The sounds give context to the content of the books adjacent to the piece. The portal thus works both ways: transporting participants to a new but related space while also bringing some of that space into the library to make the content of the surrounding books sing. James is an artist, composer, and a Cornell DMA graduate student. Learn more about this project and other work by James here: